Real McCoy
Real McCoy

Cask Brokerage

Having strong ties with brand owners, independent distilleries, brokerages and private collectors we facilitate the purchasing of casks of whisky and spirits.

We offer a full-service cask program to help monitor and care for your cask whilst it is maturing in bond, including services such as sampling, regauging, and re-racking and provide many casks options like sherry, rum, cognac, wine and port pipes.

When spirits have reached maturation, we arrange transport from warehouse to bottler, source bottles, cork stoppers, foil capsules, labels, tubes and cartons, and assist you to design your brand.

In order to reassure our customers buying cask spirits, we offer a full refund should the spirit they purchase prove to be substandard.

Get in contact with us to find out more about our premium transport and storage services across Australia.